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Exposure Coin is a native token based on the Cardano DeFi network created to bring awareness and raise general use of cryptocurrency in the arts and entertainment industry.

Allowing creatives to collect payment to goods or services as Exposure Coins.
10% of distribution will go towards a foundation that reaches out to the less
How does it work? (FAQ)

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on how to scale and create lasting value.


Q2 2022

  • Create a community of early adopters to develop and scale functionality, and increase liquidity.


Use Cases

As an artist

Accepting Exposure Coin for goods or services rendered.

"My artist fee is now $300 and 50 Exposure Coins!!"

"This painting starts at 1,000 Exposure Coins"

As a promoter

Offering Exposure Coin for artist services rendered.

Support artists

Purchase Exposure Coins to pay artists for their time or services.

As an investor

Purchase and HODL Exposure Coins to build Liquidity.

Perks of being an early adopter

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Early adopters

Built for Creatives, by Creatives

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How to get Exposure

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Giving creatives a new form of payment in a decentralized network while doing good in the world.

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